3AS: Data Analytics for Manufacturing


Powered by 3ACES Analytics-As-A-Service Framework

Data Exploitation

3Aces for Manufacturing is a specialized Data Analytics framework of software tools and services for management and value extraction from structured, unstructured, and noisy data. Businesses can benefit from data they already produce and get valuable feedback on their processes, production lines, customers’ habits etc.

The goal is to optimize manufacturing operations and provide insights in a manner equally useful for data scientists and business users alike. The tools and services are configurable, scalable and offer flexibility at a reasonable cost.

Machine learning technology provides accuracy and contributes to optimum planning of operations and decision-making on both tactical and strategic level.

Improve Business with Data Analysis

Manufacturing is being digitized and this leads to the generation of a great amount of operational data.
This transition is driven by automation and the data produced contain valuable insights that can help businesses deal with issues like supply of raw materials, energy sourcing and consumption, production time, cost, margin and growth.

Intelligent Data analytics can accelerate the ability of a business to innovate and grow in this demanding reality in areas such as:

  • Optimization of Factory Supply Chain and logistics: Inventory replenishment, warehousing allocation

  • Asset Optimization: Data Driven Predictive Maintenance

  • Data Driven Quality Optimization

  • Process and performance management

  • Product Design and Lifecycle Optimization

  • Data Driven Human Capital Management

M- 3Aces framework is realized as a provision of customs analytics consultancy and services that can lead to the development of tailor-made data analytics tools for streaming, processing, and visualizing of data insights. This is achieved through the use of open technologies, such as:

  • Apache Kafka data stream-processing software platform

  • KSQL streaming engine

  • Elasticsearch search engine and its stack (i.e. Logstash data streaming tool, Kibana visualization dashboard)

  • Apache Spark- for programming data processing patterns, mostly using Python

  • Apache zookeeper coordination service

  • Grafana metric analytics & visualization suite

  • Laravel web programming environment

The analytics software applications created under the 3AS concept are developed mostly as docker containers orchestrated by Kubernetes. This offers innate cloud optimization capabilities, allowing products of the 3AS framework to be deployed over public, private or hybrid cloud arrangements and enabling SaaS, and-or, PaaS delivery models.