Analytics as a Service

Use the online wizard to upload a sample of your dataset as training data.

3ACEs automaticaly applies various Machine Learning algorithms to your dataset to find which best applies to your case

Run on demand analytics (e.g. classification, anomaly detection, clustering) on your whole dataset, by applying the algorithm with the best accuracy

Key Points

M-any application

  • Delivers a black box solution for several heterogeneous applications
  • Provides insights with short (or no) training period
  • Constantly evolving service – exploits the merits of Machine Learning
  • Operates in batches (offline) or real-time (online)

Business model & Licensing

  • Yearly license or Pay as you go
  • Do you need occasional data insights or do you need a day-to-day data analytics cycle?
  • In both cases we’ve got you covered!

Cloud service

  • Seed or leech our Cloud Services’ insights
  • Service provided on premises or in the cloud

Run streaming jobs

  • Perform real-time analysis on streaming data

Different endpoints

  • NOSQL: MongoDB,Elastic search
  • Filesystems: NFS,HDFS,FTP
  • Message brokers: KAFKA, RabbitMQ, Mosquitto

Tailored Consultancy and support

  • Let our ML consultants assist you in designing a winning solution!

Got Questions?

Contact us so we can help you use the Classification Tool based on your company's needs.





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